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Are you grieving the loss of an important person in your life?

Grief can shake your world. You might be feeling numb, withdrawn from others, or very emotional. You might be struggling with conflicting feelings, a need to, and sometimes a fear of, expressing and understanding your feelings; seeking a way to honor the deceased person; struggling to live your day-to-day life; and wondering what your future will be like.

Are you experiencing a life-stage transition such as early adulthood or midlife? 

Are you overwhelmed and uncertain, feeling sad, anxious, grief-stricken, resentful, conflicted, or confused? 

Change of all types stirs up unsettling feelings, including unresolved issues, memories and traumas. Or, you might feel a sense of loss one minute, and a sense of new frontiers the next. You might feel like a stranger to yourself, acting in ways that are different from your usual ways of acting and being in the world.
Transitions are a part of life, just as they are a part of nature. They are special times because they provide an opening for increased self-understanding and for strengthening your core self.  Whether you have chosen a transition or it has come into your life without your choosing or wanting it, a transition offers you an opportunity to increase your self-confidence and your ability to make more conscious choices.

Though it may seem daunting, sorting out your feelings with a trained professional can enhance your sense of control and well-being, helping you weather the difficulties and make a smoother transition.  When your feelings overwhelm you, they can cloud your vision and interfere with your best intentions.   When they are given a voice in a safe place with a compassionate and skilled listener, rather than being at their mercy, your feelings can infuse your life with energy and passion.  I enjoy helping people find, listen to, and accept the wisdom of their own inner voice while navigating difficult life transitions.​